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Things my mother has to say about BioWare's Dragon Age and Mass Effect games, from text conversations to phone calls to observations.

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Mom: I can’t believe how beautiful this is.
Reg: Right?!
Grandma: What are you two watching?
Reg: Video game trailer.
Mom: Is that a qunari?
Reg: Probably.
Grandma: [with so much disdain it’s palpable] You enjoy these things?
Mom: I’m going to convince the horned guy to sleep with me.

I’ve convinced Mom she must do a four-month speed run of the last half of DA2. We might not share all her adventures, but I’ll keep you guys updated on what big choices she makes!

Also, Grandma now lives with us. Grandma thinks video games rot your brain.

Reg: Mother, come watch this with me!
Mom: What?
Reg: Inquisition pre-alpha demo thing.
Mom: I thought you weren’t going to show me this until I finish the other game.
Reg: I wasn’t. I’m weak.
Mom: Oh, that’s gorgeous. That landscape is gorgeous. […] Can you set—you can set fire to the boats! […] Everyone’s dead! They killed everyone! [thoughtful pause] You can kill everyone…
Reg: Maybe I shouldn’t let you play this game.
Mom: Do you think I can pit everyone against everyone else and watch them destroy each other while Varric, Cassandra, and—what’s the mage’s name?
Reg: Vivienne.
Mom: While the four of us sip cosmos on a beach?
Reg: …no I really don’t think that will work.
Mom: That was a dragon! I need to finish the Hawke game soon. I love how excited everyone is for this game.
Reg: Are you excited?
Mom: I hope that’s a rhetorical question, sweetie.

So hopefully she’ll be picking up DA2 again in the near future (I think she will in the next week or so)!

Then we’ll both plunge right into DAI when it comes out. For the sake of your tumblrs, those of you who want to avoid spoilers should blacklist the tag reg’s mom plays dai. When we get closer to the DAI release, I’ll be sure to reevaluate what tags we use and give you guys ample warning.

Is this blog dead? Because that would be so, so sad :(
biowareaccordingtomom biowareaccordingtomom Said:

Mom and I are in the process of dealing with rather firmly entrenched cases of Lyme Disease, so we haven’t been gaming much at all - we’ve been pretty sick D8

That said, she still has to finish DA2, and she will! Because eventually we’ll have DA3, too!

But for now, we’re resting and focusing on getting better.

Reg: I haven’t heard from you in a few hours. You done for the day? Did you visit with anyone?
Mom: got distracted by teh arena
Mom: u no how it is
Mom: shootin aliens

We will, however, have stories to share about the crew hangouts tomorrow!

Mom: ok i feel a little bad
Reg: What did you do that’s worse than killing yourself?
Mom: shot brooks
Reg: You can do that?
Mom: y
Mom: she escaped
Mom: i shot her
Mom: i dont need her 2 show up again w another clone trying 2 ruin the destiny o the universe do i
Reg: Have I mentioned that you scare me?
Mom: im ur mom u should fear me


Mom: i thought about saving my clone
Reg: Thought about it? So you didn’t?
Mom: n
Mom: bcaus i thought if everythin was reversed id let the real me die
Reg: You’re ruthless.
Mom: if we need another we can grow 1

How are we related.

Mom: this is long
Reg: What is?
Mom: fight
Mom: im hard 2 kill so i guess that makes sense
Reg: Did you see the hamster?
Mom: ??
Reg: Did you not get the hamster?
Mom: there is a hamster?


Mother I will show you this content at lunch.

Mom: !!!
Mom: beans likes antique shops
Mom: i knew i liked him best
Mom: were going 2 go antiquin 2gether
Reg: Do I have to come?
Mom: n
Mom: it would b awkward w u there


Mom: samantha saved us w a toothbrush
Mom: i remember that toothbrush
Reg: You gushed to me about it.
Reg: At one point I think you said plaque is the work of the Reapers.
Mom: y
Mom: it is
Mom: we need a toothbrush 4 next time u lock urself out o ur car

it happened ONCE

Asker Anonymous Asks:
So reg you work at bioware?
biowareaccordingtomom biowareaccordingtomom Said:

If I did, I would enjoy working a lot more :3