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Things my mother has to say about BioWare's Dragon Age and Mass Effect games, from text conversations to phone calls to observations.

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Before I actually address these asks, I want to say I spent a lot of time considering how to answer them. It’s not my intention to come off as condescending, rude, or abrasive in my reply, and I hope I don’t.

Anon the First: No, I’m not, because there is no “right choice” unless you want to say the “right choice” is in the quarians and geth settling the conflict peaceably - which is impossible for her to do with both Legion and Tali dead. How you settle the conflict, and which is the “right choice,” depends entirely on how you’ve played the game. If your Shepard hates synthetics and distrusts the geth, killing the geth was the right choice.

Legion 2.0 attacking MomShep confirmed her choice was right because it confirms what she already suspected: she couldn’t trust the geth and they would turn on her. Now, is this true in the long run? No. But it’s true for her play through.

Anon the Second: I’m sorry MomShep’s choices upset you so much, but please remember this blog exists to document the insanity that is her play through. If it’s that uncomfortable for you, perhaps you should unfollow?

But also keep in mind the information that MomShep has about the geth. Firstly, her information is incomplete. She knows I’ve told her there is more to the story, and you can get that information Legion, but she doesn’t know what that information is. As far as she can tell, the geth have been attacking her since the first game. They’ve been working with the Reapers. They’ve brought Reaper tech to human planets and turned humans into husks.

From what I understand, there’s a moment where Shepard can accuse Legion 2.0 of lying to her - and Legion 2.0 admits he’s done exactly that. So from where MomShep is standing, the geth are evil and untrustworthy. Is that the whole story? No, but it’s the whole story as she knows it.

And that is, to me, what makes this so much fun. Mom isn’t a completionist like most gamers are. She’s not sitting at her computer screen going “If I choose this option will it screw me over and keep me from getting the absolute most beautifully ~*~perfect~*~ ending I can possibly get.” She’s playing a game, and enjoying it, and crafting her own story in the process. Which is another thing we should be excited about: BioWare crafts games for us that allow us to make wildly different choices from each other. Wouldn’t it be boring if we all did the exact same thing?

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