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Things my mother has to say about BioWare's Dragon Age and Mass Effect games, from text conversations to phone calls to observations.

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Mom: a mage just turndd in2 a demon
Reg: They do that… a disproportionate amount in DA2.
Mom: y??
Reg: There’s a DLC quest you can do that sort of explains it?
Reg: But I wouldn’t do Legacy until later on.
Mom: ok
Mom: dont worry merrill well find out who did this
Mom: and crush them
Mom: i dont liek whats going on here

srs bsns going down in Kirkwall.


My mother texts like a two-fingered drunken monkey. All her texts have been transcribed as sent, so her original intent could be preserved.

Mom: reg u lied 2 me
Reg: About?
Mom: u said 2 go 2 the snow plaec 4 the chest
Reg: Did you finish Soldier’s Peak already?
Mom: y
Mom: eryone in the grand canyon ded
Reg: Redcliffe? Did you go to Redcliffe and then leave?
Mom: y
Mom: u sad i nedded the chest
Mom: ppl died bcuz of u
Mom: i hope ur happy
Reg: Wait, so you finished Soldier’s Peak and got the chest already this morning?
Mom: y
Mom: i killd the ded woman and aburny
Reg: Avernus?
Mom: y
Mom: the lady had tassles
Mom: on her nips
Reg: Ahhah yeah desire demons. Are you going to finish Redcliffe?
Mom: nu
Mom: want 2 find dwarves
Mom: bbl have 2 fight monsters