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Asker thessalian Asks:
Quick query: did Reg!Mom!Shep send the biotic kids to the front line to be artillery squad, or did she put them in support roles?
biowareaccordingtomom biowareaccordingtomom Said:

Support roles, I believe. Yep, support roles. I have a text reading:

im not sending any kids 2 the front line

Followed by a frowny face.

Mom: got all the students out
Mom: even unicorn
Reg: Unicorn?
Mom: jacks idea
Mom: getting tattos 4 the kids
Mom: rodreguez gets a unicorn
Reg: Good for you, getting them all out alive.
Mom: y
Mom: im glad theyre ok
Mom: u said its good 2 go there
Reg: To Grissom? Yes. If you wait too long, Cerberus gets everyone.
Mom: :-O
Mom: im glad i got them

And once you do Horizon, I’ll tell you what would have happened. :3

Mom: haha i wish u cold c this
Reg: What?
Mom: u no in grissom u can use an atlas
Reg: Yes.
Mom: i got out right in a doorway
Mom: nd now another atlas is trying 2 get in
Mom: but it cant get around the 1 i left
Mom: its stuck
Mom: :-)


I must try this.

Mom: ok so
Mom: they want rodrigiz 4 phantom
Mom: i fought those
Reg: Yes, you did.
Mom: they r cerb thigns
Reg: Yes, they are.
Mom: so cerb wants 2 take these kids
Mom: buthcer their brains
Mom: indoctrinate them
Mom: and make them monsters
Reg: More or less.
Mom: where is there base
Mom: im going 2 show them y no1 messes w commnder shepard

Well, thank goodness you got to Grissom in time to save Jack.

Mom: thes ppl no how 2 pack a punch
Reg: Which people?
Mom: bio
Mom: met david
Mom: hes counting days bcause i saved him
Reg: Yeah, BioWare does good with the lightly tugging on the heart strings and then the ripping out of the heart.
Mom: im glad he’s happy
Mom: im going 2 win a war 4 him nd thse students

I feel like MomShep always has a heroic speech just waiting to be used.

Mom: queen of the girls couts
Mom: haha i said that once
Mom: she punched me
Reg: She has a point. Though the punching might be a bit intense.
Mom: y
Mom: there is no hug option
Reg: Because you’re hard ass Commander Shepard.
Mom: so
Mom: jack should get hugs

I think this just hammers the nail into the “queen of the girl scouts” title.

If, you know. The Girl Scouts were space commandos. With magic. And sniper rifles.

Mom: theres familiar thigns abuot these datathings
Reg: What kind of things?
Mom: not sure
Mom: soudns familiar
Mom: goin 2 orian hall 2 find instructor
Mom: lost 1 student
Mom: saved 2 others
Mom: going 2 shoot cerberus
Mom: jack
Mom: :-)
Mom: brb have 2 kill atlas


Mom: Are they dragging that young man by his ankle?
Reg: Probably.
Mom: What’s wrong with these people?
Reg: Is that a rhetorical question, or do you require an answer?
Mom: I am going to put a bullet in Martin Sheen’s head! Not the actor, though, the guy he’s playing in this game.
Reg: I figured.
Mom: I just wanted to make sure we were clear on that. Stop eating your bagel up here.
Reg: But I want to watch you.
Mom: [headshots a Cerberus goon without zooming]
Reg: I’ll go downstairs.
Mom: I’m going to save these kids.

She scares me.

Mom: So because of the turian signal, I’m going to Grissom.
Reg: Not a bad choice.
Mom: Why is— [heavy sigh] There are new systems to scan.
Reg: At least it’s not as involved as ME2, right? And you get nifty and helpful things.
Mom: I know, but it’s just that I start going from one to the other and I lose track of which ones I’ve been to. Let’s take Beans and… Grandpa Javik.
Reg: …grandpa Javik.
Mom: He’s old enough. Fifty thousand years.
Reg: Grandpa Javik.
Mom: We just need to get him a cigar.

Grandpa. Javik.