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Things my mother has to say about BioWare's Dragon Age and Mass Effect games, from text conversations to phone calls to observations.

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Mom: I just killed King McReaper Possessy Pants by killing the body he was already possessing that was already dead?
Reg: More or less.
Mom: But how does that even work? Bean was dead. He was dead, Reg.
Reg: And then he wasn’t?
Mom: How was he suddenly not dead? Did King Reapy defibrillate him at the moment of possession?
Reg: You’re thinking about this too hard.
Mom: But he was dead! You don’t just come back from the dead! That’s… what’s the word I’m looking for?
Reg: Blood magic?
Mom: [flounders a bit and then sighs] Hooligans.
Reg: But, look! You won!
Mom: Of course I did. Let me load up that seco—am I dead? Did my—did they kill me? Oh, good, there I am. [sits back with a huge sigh] That was emotional. Imagine if I died. Then who would save the universe? The blue wizard aliens? Hah.

Oh, Mother.