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Things my mother has to say about BioWare's Dragon Age and Mass Effect games, from text conversations to phone calls to observations.

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Mom: …I gave the Reapers hearts. Didn’t I?
Reg: That’s a good way to look at it. Or understanding.
Mom: Jacob’s face! Jack’s kids! Samara and her daughter are okay, too! Kroger babies! Reg, there are kroger babies!
Reg: There are.
Mom: This is really… this is amazing. This is all about restoration and—yes, about protection. Wow, yes. That’s it—exactly. I had to die for the many to survive. Aww, Beans, no, don’t be sad. I’m still with you! I promise.
Reg: You’ll watch over the galaxy?
Mom: Always, sweetie. Always. The galaxy is stuck with me, now.

Asker delkios Asks:
I don't think it was mentioned in your posts, but did your mom tell Eve and Wrex about the Dalatrass's offer? Or did she hide it until Mordin figured it out?
biowareaccordingtomom biowareaccordingtomom Said:

She did! She actually didn’t tell me she had. I had to ask her. But yes, she told them. She was most displeased about this attempt at subterfuge.

Mom: y
Mom: mordin has it!
Reg: Yay!
Mom: i no u wont get it wrong mordin
Mom: o
Mom: o no
Mom: hes going 2 die
Mom: mordin died 2 save the krogers
Mom: they have a future now
Reg: You holding up?
Mom: im crying
Mom: this couldnt have ended better
Mom: its sad but its perfect
Mom: thx mordin
Mom: well remember u

And up come all my Tuchunka feelings.

Mom: feelin better about this
Mom: eve is here 2
Mom: she got teh krogers 2 fall in line
Mom: 2gether we can do this
Reg: That scene is the best scene.
Mom: y
Mom: 2 women in solidarity
Mom: yelling at our stupid men
Mom: being the best
Mom: i wonder if i get 2 learn her name

My mom’s love for Eve knows no end. I keep getting “i love eve” and “eve is the best” texts.

Mom: she wans me 2 ruin the cure
Mom: who would do that
Reg: People who are truly afraid the krogan will start a massive, epic war.
Mom: o ok bcaus thatj ustifies killin an entire race
Mom: i wont do it
Mom: o i got my scars back
Mom: theyre v pretty

Hello, mood whiplash. Out of curiosity, have any of our followers sabotaged the cure for any reason other than just seeing what it was like?

Mom: ok i did the cerb mission
Mom: and got some guns
Mom: u think im ok 4 krogers
Reg: Yes!
Reg: Be sure to keep me posted.
Mom: im nervous
Mom: what if i kill the krogers
Reg: You won’t. <3
Mom: ok
Mom: gearing up
Mom: going 2 buy some upgrades
Mom: will let u no how it goes

Dun dun dun duuuuun.

Where are Krogan ears?
biowareaccordingtomom biowareaccordingtomom Said:

…I don’t know.

But I don’t doubt my mother could find them. And twist them. And thus bend the entire kroger race to her will.

Mom: ok
Mom: we got teh bomb
Mom: songuy is doing somethin
Mom: o
Mom: hes goin 2 die isnt he
Mom: this game isnt as happy as teh other one
Mom: at least we saved te krogers
Mom: r any o this missions happy endings?
Reg: Your Tuchunka should be happy.
Mom: ok
Mom: i need more happy parts
Mom: liek a hug button

Yeah, a huge button would have made ME3 a lot better. Feeling sad after a mission? Hug the bff crew member of your choice.

Mom: the beans put the bom on the kroger planet!
Reg: Yeeaaah.
Mom: that isnt nice
Reg: But the krogan were kind of… bad news.
Mom: y
Mom: i no
Mom: edi thinks its a good strat
Mom: i dont liek huting krogers
Mom: but i kno y they did it
Mom: so ill fix this by disarming teh bom
Mom: and then makin them b friends
Mom: mayb twist their ears

Worst punishment ever. MomShep means business.

Mom: his voice isnt as nice as my beans
Mom: the primarchs son
Mom: haha i yelled at them
Mom: finally yellin at some1
Mom: i keep saving u
Mom: theres a bomb!
Mom: :-O
Reg: Yeah, remember how the turians and krogans don’t like each other?
Mom: cerberus has it
Mom: son u better make them fight
Mom: kick ass lets go

Always the direct approach.