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Things my mother has to say about BioWare's Dragon Age and Mass Effect games, from text conversations to phone calls to observations.

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Reg: I haven’t heard from you in a few hours. You done for the day? Did you visit with anyone?
Mom: got distracted by teh arena
Mom: u no how it is
Mom: shootin aliens

We will, however, have stories to share about the crew hangouts tomorrow!

Mom: ok i feel a little bad
Reg: What did you do that’s worse than killing yourself?
Mom: shot brooks
Reg: You can do that?
Mom: y
Mom: she escaped
Mom: i shot her
Mom: i dont need her 2 show up again w another clone trying 2 ruin the destiny o the universe do i
Reg: Have I mentioned that you scare me?
Mom: im ur mom u should fear me


Mom: i thought about saving my clone
Reg: Thought about it? So you didn’t?
Mom: n
Mom: bcaus i thought if everythin was reversed id let the real me die
Reg: You’re ruthless.
Mom: if we need another we can grow 1

How are we related.

Mom: this is long
Reg: What is?
Mom: fight
Mom: im hard 2 kill so i guess that makes sense
Reg: Did you see the hamster?
Mom: ??
Reg: Did you not get the hamster?
Mom: there is a hamster?


Mother I will show you this content at lunch.

Mom: !!!
Mom: beans likes antique shops
Mom: i knew i liked him best
Mom: were going 2 go antiquin 2gether
Reg: Do I have to come?
Mom: n
Mom: it would b awkward w u there


Mom: samantha saved us w a toothbrush
Mom: i remember that toothbrush
Reg: You gushed to me about it.
Reg: At one point I think you said plaque is the work of the Reapers.
Mom: y
Mom: it is
Mom: we need a toothbrush 4 next time u lock urself out o ur car

it happened ONCE

Reg: Hey, have you picked your party for the last leg yet?
Mom: n
Mom: ??
Reg: Grab EDI.
Mom: ok
Mom: y??
Mom: :-(
Mom: poor edi
Mom: im not going 2 let that clone hurt my crew
Mom: even teh robot

Even the robot.

Mom: i dont sound like that!!!
Mom: lol
Reg: The fact that you use “lol” never ceases to horrify me.
Mom: lol i SHOULD go
Reg: Wait, you know where the shift key is?
Mom: of course i do
Mom: i should GO
Mom: I should go

my entire life has been a lie

Mom: new it
Mom: the minute she insulted joker i knew she was bad
Mom: decent ppl dont liek joker

…so if any of you don’t like Joker, don’t take it personally?

Mom: wrex is so funny
Mom: im glad i took him
Mom: him nd beans
Mom: who did u take
Reg: Kaidan and Wrex. You should take Javik next time, he’s a riot through the archives.
Mom: haha wrex is tryin 2 take credit 4 all my kills hes lucky i like him so much

You like him the most and we all know it.