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Things my mother has to say about BioWare's Dragon Age and Mass Effect games, from text conversations to phone calls to observations.

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From Reg: A number of people have dropped us anon (an non anon!) asks telling us to check out the varren races. While Mom hasn’t gotten there (and is grumbling about me using my computer right now because she wants to play), I have. These are two caps off my game - Nice Beans and Kroger won both their races for me!

And I may have a small problem I played varren racing for at least an hour and a half and made something like 50k credits it was gross

Also I will start posting Mom’s texts to me about the Citadel DLC soon!

Mom: Reg, can I—is that a new game?
Reg: Shhhhhh, we’re playing Fear Not this Night. It’s hard.
Mom: Aw, that’s so cute! You have little hand bells.
Reg: [finishes song] Okay, what’s up?
Mom: I want—are you a boy?
Reg: Er, yes?
Mom: Reg, he’s gorgeous.
Reg: You said that about the plantman an hour ago.
Mom: Boy-you is very handsome.
Reg: And the plant is hunky.
Mom: Yes. What game is this?
Reg: I’m not letting you play an MMO.
Mom: Oh, it’s one of those weird games you play with other people? [leans closer to Reg’s mic] Hello, Reg’s friends!

"The plant" in question is Trahearne.

My mother meets Guild Wars 2.

We have received SO MANY messages about Mom’s help that we can’t possibly respond to them all privately. But we both wanted to thank you for keeping our family in your thoughts, reading this blog, and all that good stuff. <3

Today, Mom went to her doctor and got some GREAT NEWS (sort of). We now know what’s been ailing her for the past almost two years: Lyme disease.

Lyme disease is a beast, and while not necessarily fatal, it’s certainly obnoxious and it’s hard to kick if you don’t catch it early enough. While she’s still planning on going to Mayo (as of now) to seek treatment options, I’m just glad she has a diagnosis!

There won’t be posts tomorrow (Mom didn’t play today), and Thursday may see Omega DLC posts, which will be appropriately tagged with #Mass Effect, #Reg’s Mom Plays Mass Effect, and #Reg’s Mom Plays Omega. I will let you know for sure when that happens. Then, hopefully, Friday will see her going to the Deep Roads and wrapping up Act 1 of DA2 (otherwise the Deep Roads will go up on Monday, after she plays on Friday).

For those of you who also follow my personal blog, sorry for the double-post spam.

I badgered Mom into completing the Deep Roads this week. She has two quests to go (I think): Shepherding Wolves and Acts of Mercy. We’ll be posting starting tomorrow.

As some of you know, she’s had some health problems lately, and this Sunday she leaves for an extended stay in Mayo Clinic. She’s going to try to wrap up the Deep Roads before she goes, but we’re going to see if one of our old laptops isn’t too old to run DA2 while she’s off having adventures.

Thanks for sticking around, and we look forward to sharing more insane adventures with you starting tomorrow!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Re: Hawke's personality. You can check your Hawke's personality by switching to another party member and then clicking on Hawke. Hawke will say something nice, funny, or blunt depending on the majority of dialogue choices thus far. It also 'resets' somewhat at the beginning of Act 2--whatever you choose as your *first* response at the start of the act (when you're talking to the Viscount) is heavily weighted and can switch you from one personality type to another.
biowareaccordingtomom biowareaccordingtomom Said:

I just loaded up DA2 to do this. Mom!Hawke made comments about being the leader of a band of merry misfits and then demanded to know what earth-shattering problem needed her attention this time. The last one I got was “Hawke this, Hawke that. Why does every little problem fall to me.”

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Wait. Mom!Hawke looks like the default (at least, to me), but Carver and Bethany's faces/hairstyles only change when Hawke's head type is different. Am I missing something here?
biowareaccordingtomom biowareaccordingtomom Said:

I use appearance mods, that’s part of it. I know her head mod isn’t the default, and her complexion/skin color definitely aren’t. Mom is playing on my PC (cries), so she has all the appearance mods I do.

A while back, someone asked what Mom’s Bethany and Carver looked like. Obviously, it was a LONG while ago, because I loaded up the game to take these caps either the day of or day after.

HERE THEY FINALLY ARE. You can sort of see the whole family, with Leandra tucked behind Hawke in the second picture.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I'm loving this blog! Just out of curiosity what personality does your Mum's Hawke have?
biowareaccordingtomom biowareaccordingtomom Said:

Since I wasn’t sure, I asked her, and she said she tends to pick the second and third options the most. So a direct, but snarky Hawke who doesn’t have time to deal with anyone crap.

Which was pretty much her Shep.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
what are you planning to do when your mother finishes DA2 (and the DLCs)? any other games you're going to play? or will you just wait for DA3?
biowareaccordingtomom biowareaccordingtomom Said:

Mom will probably just wait for DA3 and any other ME DLC that are released.