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Reg: MOM. Let me show you the new DLC trailer!
Mom: DL—Oh, they’re releasing something new?
Reg: Yes. Your boyfriend is in it.
Mom: [clasps her hands in front of her face I kid you not it was disturbing] Garrus is?
Reg: Yes, come watch. [loads up trailer; shows Mom]
Mom: We’re dancing! There are dancing krogers! [pauses] It figures I take a few hours of shore leave to get my nails done and everything goes wrong. This galaxy. [sighs] Reaper-Me is going to have a lot of bureaucratic bullshit to fix.
Reg: Right, but don’t play it before me, okay?
Mom: What if I download it for you?
Reg: Mother.
Mom: Reg.
Reg: Mother.
Mom: That’s Commander Mother to you.

And then I whined and wheedled and she promised she wouldn’t play it so I can share her reactions with you. Tentative plan: Citadel DLC posts will go up Thursday/Friday with a return to DA2 around the 13th.

All Citadel DLC posts will be tagged with “reg’s mom plays the citadel dlc” as well as “reg’s mom plays mass effect” and “reg’s mom plays mass effect 3.”

Mom: …I gave the Reapers hearts. Didn’t I?
Reg: That’s a good way to look at it. Or understanding.
Mom: Jacob’s face! Jack’s kids! Samara and her daughter are okay, too! Kroger babies! Reg, there are kroger babies!
Reg: There are.
Mom: This is really… this is amazing. This is all about restoration and—yes, about protection. Wow, yes. That’s it—exactly. I had to die for the many to survive. Aww, Beans, no, don’t be sad. I’m still with you! I promise.
Reg: You’ll watch over the galaxy?
Mom: Always, sweetie. Always. The galaxy is stuck with me, now.

Mom: Did they crash? Are they okay? If my sacrifice got them killed, I will be so—Joker! Joker, is EDI okay? Where’s EDI? Beans! Beans, I’m glad you’re okay, honey. But I need to know if EDI is okay, too.
Reg: You’ll see EDI so—
Mom: EDI! Oh, good, I was worried for them!

Mom: I… this is so much more meaningful when it’s pretty much you.  You pour your heart into a game like this.
Reg: You do.
Mom: I’m sorry I used to tease you for getting teary-eyed at this.
Reg: [hugs]
Mom: Stop hugging me, you have a blog to write.

Mom: Should I tell you what I’m picking? I guess it’ll be obvious.
Reg: Why don’t you start running toward it and tell me why you picked it.
Mom: I don’t want to destroy EDI. And… I feel a bit bad about that geth now. I could have freed them from Reaper control, right? Right. So they’ve been indoctrinated. Or they realized their mistake in going to the Reapers and then were indoctrinated and couldn’t escape. Which means I suppose I made a mistake there…
Reg: You made choices with the information you have.
Mom: Right. But I’m not sure people are ready for this next step in evolution. I am, or so he says, but who knows about the rest of the world.
Reg: So…
Mom: So control. It’s the only way to be reasonably sure the people I care about - my squad - stay safe. [pokes Reg’s shoulder] And whatever version of you and Manda exist in this world

Mom: So I can destroy… all synthetics? Which is what Anderson would want… does that mean EDI?
Reg: I… am not sure for your playthrough, honestly.
Mom: And the Reapers will come back. [frowns] Another option?
Reg: Control.
Mom: We saw how well that worked out for Mr. Sheen. Oh. Sort of. Interesting.
Reg: And then—
Mom: Synthesis. [frowns again] This is… very interesting. All of this. There’s a lot of variables to consider.
Reg: There are.
Mom: I have to choose now?
Reg: Yes.
Mom: You know I do better when I have time to think.
Reg: Time to choose, Mom. How are you going to solve the war?
Mom: [stares at screen]

Mom: Okay, so while we have a minute and I’m attempting to understand this… [deep breath] This is very twisted.
Reg: How so?
Mom: Genocide is always twisted. And I don’t think I can trust this kid as far as I can throw him. However…
Reg: However?
Mom: In nature, fires happen. Small fires are completely natural. And without them, a thick canopy would choke sunlight and prevent it from creating new growth. Plants on the ground would die, and animals would suffer. In a way… that’s what he’s doing. [taps fingers on desk] Are you writing this down?
Reg: Yes.
Mom: The whole internet is going to read it?
Reg: Not the whole internet.
Mom: Let me listen to more of what he has to say.

Mom: Why isn’t it working? What’s happening? Oh! Oh it’s working now!
Reg: Just about.
Mom: What is this place… Is that—that’s the kid from my dreams.
Reg: It is.
Mom: This is… Is he going to he—he controls the Reapers?
Reg: Mom, stop talking and listen to him.
Mom: But—okay.

Mom: Yes! We did it! We did it!
Reg: You did it!
Mom: This is so great. Look at this. Sitting with Anderson. He’s a great guy.
Reg: He really is.
Mom: He’s proud of me. [grabs a tissue] Good night, Anderson. You did good, too.

Mom: …now I feel a little bad for him. Because he did want to protect people. He just went off the deep end with it.
Reg: He did.
Mom: This kind of—hey, why can’t I use that last special option? Reg, did I do something wrong?
Reg: You actually had to prime him back on Mars for this conversation.
Mom: How am I supposed to know that?!
Reg: Guide dang it?
Mom: …how punny. You’re pathetic, Mr. Sheen. Wha—NO, I won’t let you shoot Anderson!